Transform Together

Innovating for greater efficiency

Becoming the most innovative finance company by 2024: this is the aim of our “Together 4 Customers” strategic plan. The commitment of our teams is key to achieving this goal. Thanks to a more agile and cross-business organization, RCI Bank and Services is involving all employees in its transformation.

A focus by

Sandrine Blec-Recoquillay
and Mallika Mathur-Lheritier

VP, Human Resources and Communications - Chief Transformation Officer

Evolving constantly for our customers

3 800
54 %
of our employees are women

As part of RCI Bank and Services’ strategic plan, the satisfaction of our customers is central to our transformation. Our objective is ambitious, as we intend to become the most innovative finance company by 2024. To meet that goal, the engagement of our employees and the roll-out of an agile organization structure will be vital.

The world is changing, and RCI Bank and Services needs to adapt its organization structure. The key challenge is keeping in step with, and even anticipating, the needs of our customers. To that end, we created a Transformation Division in November 2020. The purpose of the new division is to accelerate and boost the efficiency of projects, as agility and speed are as essential as our business expertise.

To transform, we need to encourage the acquisition of new skills among our teams. A crucial aspect in this culture change is the ability of managers and leaders to rally staff around our company project and ensure its success. A cross functional approach will underpin our ability to offer innovative solutions to our customers, notably using digital technology.

This is why we have built our employer brand on four common aspects dimensions in the careers of all our employees: Learn, Share, Grow, Succeed. The “Learn” aspect constitutes the basis of our employer brand and involves listening to employees and customers, harnessing their diversity to fuel our success. The second pillar, “Share”, commits us to the sharing of collective intelligence. The “Grow” pillar is aimed at ensuring career momentum for our employees at RCI Bank and Services. And the fourth, “Succeed”, makes collective success a core focus. All these paths will lead us to a successful transformation.


Nissan Tribe: working together to boost performance and agility


A tribe is a pluridisciplinary working group set up to address a specific subject. It is divided into autonomous squads, one per assignment. To become more agile, the members of a squad are reassigned for each mission.


The purpose of the Nissan tribe is to gain in agility and unify varied expertise sets. As such, the tribe combines adaptability and responsiveness. The strength of the tribe lies in its ability to take account of market trends in real time in order to continually respond better to the expectations of our customers.


Heralding from RCI Bank and Services and Nissan, the 14 members of the tribe are the front-line in-house ambassadors of collaborative work between our structures. Through their input, our financing offers and our services are fully integrated into the sales strategy of Nissan Europe.


Thanks to the launch of a new program, the renewal rate for financing contracts with Nissan customers now totals 40% in France. In Europe in 2020, 42% of Nissan customers financed their new vehicle with one of our offers. These are records!


This initial success encourages us to develop this organisation method. The aim is to strengthen our relations with the Alliance to further boost performance and also to work collectively on strategic topics for RCI Bank and Services.

Une collaboratrice travaille à distance depuis chez elle.

Our corporate culture unites us for the future

The health crisis in 2020 required us to implement teleworking. Our responsive teams successfully coped with the situation. This cooperation approach led us to more deeply reconsider our organization system. And we decided to deploy teleworking on a regular basis starting in 2021, the key challenge being to safeguard and reinvent the group spirit.

While the exact procedures remain to be specified, homeworking implemented in response to the COVID-19 pandemic will soon give way to an elective personalized approach taking account of operational and human needs. More agile and more digital, we need to invent new working methods for and with our teams. To ensure that we all work towards the same goals, all the components of our corporate culture must be lived, shared and transmitted on a daily basis.

This balance is underpinned by a complete ecosystem, the bases of which we have already built. Through our employer brand and the corresponding communication. Through the roll-out of our strategic plan, which engages our employees in its completion. Through our employee upskilling strategy, devised to contribute to the careers of all staff as well as our strategy. Through the creation of “tribes” and “squads” that will foster our transformation.

The corporate culture also relies on key moments, such as the arrival of a new employee, the celebration of our successes and the sharing of best practices, which widespread homeworking must safeguard. It is by “being together” that we will be able to reinvent and build a culture that our teams identify with naturally.