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Leasing offers, used or electric vehicles: the automotive sector is evolving despite the crisis. Already among the leading financial actors in these areas, RCI Bank and Services is continuing its development by focusing in particular on packaged offers including services.

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François Guionnet

VP, Territories and Performance

Reinventing ourselves for our customers

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Professional and retail customers now prefer leasing to acquiring their vehicle through a traditional loan. This change is boosting the recent used-vehicle market and allowing it to become more resilient than the new-vehicle market. Another trend: customers are looking for cleaner mobility solutions. These are all strategic segments for the years to come.

Now more focused on vehicle use than ownership, retail and professional customers are turning to leasing offers. These offers present a number of advantages: they allow customers to manage their budget, to take advantage of a full range of services, and to access better-equipped vehicles. For RCI Bank and Services, they help us to increase the satisfaction of our customers and build customer loyalty. Finally, leasing formulas are a driver of sales performance for carmakers, since customers renew their vehicle more quickly.

We are also continuing to invest in the used-vehicle market, a promising segment for RCI Bank and Services, by developing dedicated leasing offers and digital. We have notably adapted our services and added features such as extended warranty, expanded car trade-in options, and online financing solutions.

Finally, the ecological transition is accelerating the growth of the electric-vehicle market, which requires us to develop flexible services for customers who want to transition to this type of vehicle. To meet their expectations, we have, for example, launched the VR Liberté service in France, which allows customers to access a combustion-engine vehicle for a few days per year, for longer journeys, depending on their needs. In 2020, nearly 2,000 customers who financed their electric vehicle in France with our leasing offers chose the VR Liberté service. During the last quarter of 2020, more than one out of four customers subscribed to this service with their leasing contract.


Heycar, a partnership focused on used vehicles online


Heycar is a leading site in online sales of used vehicles in Germany.
Its stand-out feature? The availability of recent vehicles. In 2020, our German subsidiary joined forces with the Heycar platform to include its financing simulators.


Customers interested in a Renault, Dacia or Nissan access our online financing simulators via the vehicle information page.
From revenue to the borrowing period and the choice of services, they determine their needs and receive a customized quote in just a few clicks.


Customers can anticipate their budgets. The dealership asks them to complete their financing request and then sign the contract. They can drive away in their new car chosen on the Heycar site.

The next step in the partnerhip will concern online pre-approvals of financing requests!


At end-2020, 186 Renault and Nissan dealerships were present on Heycar with activated financing calculator. The simulators provide qualified leads and offer extra visibility on the used vehicles they sell. For customers who first discover their dealership online…


VR Liberté: an offer helping to switch to an electric vehicle

Un client professionnel achète un véhicule chez le concessionnaire

Leasing: giving a new life to end-of-contract vehicles

Leasing a vehicle has become the preferred form of financing among both retail and corporate customers. With this development come the challenges of introducing these vehicles on the used-car market at the time of their return. Several priorities guide RCI Bank and Services’ strategy to meet these challenges: providing competitive and transparent offers to customers at the time of vehicle trade-in and supporting the growth of the used-car market.

The trade-in commitment, with clear conditions set out upon signature of the contract, is essential to building the trust of retail and corporate customers. To this end, RCI Bank and Services’ offers must serve to complement those of dealers and manufacturers. The objective in fine: to increase our collective capacity to design leasing offers that are attractive and transparent for the customer. In the long term, the development of leasing will automatically increase the volume of used vehicles offered for sale by distribution networks. An additional source of revenue for RCI Bank and Services, and, certainly, for dealer networks.

This development also involves building new relationships with dealers and manufacturers, in order to boost the resale potential of used vehicles at the time of trade-in with the network. This will encourage customers to replace their car more quickly, and will strengthen their loyalty.

The momentum on this market and its highly promising long-term outlook will bring many opportunities for RCI Bank and Services to seize in the coming years.